1. Air Traffic Control (ATC)
    • Evaluation of new ATM/ATC concepts (SESAR, NextGen ?
    • Training Tool for ATC (Controllers) including speech recognition
    • new Cockpit to Pilot Digital Link Communication (CPDLC) applications and data exchange
    • impact of weather phenomena on ATC (Wind, CB ?)
  2. Cockpit
    • Future advanced Cockpit Solutions related to Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS)
    • Evaluation of new Cockpit Procedures
    • new Cockpit to Pilot Digital Link Communication (CPDLC) applications and data exchange
    • support for Human Machine Interface (HMI) concepts and evaluation
  3. Airports
    • Future Air Traffic evaluations and capacity limitations
    • evaluation of advanced Departure (SID) and Arrival (STAR) procedures and routes
    • generation of noice patterns for any airport worldwide, based on realistic todays and future Air traffic estimates
    • evaluationof environmental impact (emissions ?)
  4. Airlines / Air Forces
    • evaluation of future 4D business trajectory concepts (SESAR, NextGen?)
    • evaluation of future system-wide information management concepts (SWIM) and data exchange with all major players (Airline-Cockpit-ATC-Airport) to support collaborative decision making concepts (CDM).
    • optimized world-wide routing based on meterological conditions (Wind, significant weather)
    • evaluation of new solutions of passenger communications and internet access
  5. Aviation Industry
    • evaluation of advanced traffic collision avoidance systems (TCAS) integrated with ATC data communication.
    • evaluation of advanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems and Controlled Flights into Terrain Warning Systems.
    • link with Flight Simulators and Tower Simulators

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