4D-NAVSIM is able to simulate accurately worldwide today's and future (up to 2025) air traffic scenarios from any worldwide aerodrome via published Standard Instrument Departure (SID) routes, en-route phase, Standard Arrival Route (STAR), Approach and Final Approach route to the runway of the destination aerodrome.

This air traffic simulation is based either on:

  • Real air traffic (IFR flights) in the past for a reference day (e.g. peak day in summer);
  • Scheduled flight data in the past or near future for all airline, charter and cargo flights (as far as provided by air carriers);
  • Any individually defined air traffic scenario created by state of the art 4D-NAVSIM flight plan generator;
  • Any defined validation exercise scenario
  • Recorded air traffic tracks provided in standard radar data format or multi-lateration
  • Recorded air traffic provided in any user defined data format
  • GPS based data from measurement flights.

Based on the above data, future air traffic scenarios (up to 2025) can be predicted, generated and simulated by 4D-NAVSIM, taking into account official air traffic forecast data (e.g. EuroControl Short-/Medium-/Long-term forecasts).

Using the above mentioned air traffic simulations 4D-NAVSIM ?adapted to the user requirements ?allows to evaluate accurately:

  • Future digital communication systems for airport, terrestrial and satellite domain
  • Frequency Planning in VHF and L-band
  • Advanced ATM/ATC concepts as currently defined / planned in context of SESAR, NextGen, e.g.: Departure/Arrival Manager, Airborne Separation, Self-separation, 4D-Trajectory planning and execution, Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) based on Air/Air & Air/Ground communications and System Wide Information Management (SWIM), etc.
  • Noise pattern generation for any airport worldwide based on today's / future air traffic scenarios.
  • Emission scenarios: CO2, N2O, SO2 fuel burn, etc.

In addition to simulation and evaluation, 4D-NAVSIM can be used as ATC training tool for realistic air traffic scenarios in any air space worldwide. As a special feature 4D-NAVSIM does not require pseudo-pilots, but uses sophisticated speech recognition adapted to ICAO phraseology.

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